CNXDevSoft Team

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Patompol Taesuji

I'm Software Engineer who I can manage and lead the team to find the best solution, solove problem and develop software: High Quality, Fast Delivery and Work Proactive

Experience: Research for solution, Design Database, Implement Web Application, Web Api, Report and Deployment
  • Position CEO & Software Engineer
  • Email
  • Tel 0931838823
  • Technologies
    • .NET(C#), .NET Core(C#), .NET WEB FORM(C#)
    • EntityFramework, Linq, Unit Test
    • Python, Java
    • Azure, Azure Devops, Logic App, Azure Function
    • MicroServices, Domain Driven Design, Design Pattern
    • NodeJs, Docker
    • SQL Server, MySql, Postgres
    • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJs, VueJs
    • Google Platform API
    • Telerik Report, Power BI, Tableau
    • Garmin Api, Fitbit Api, Strava Api, Google Fit Api
    • JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket